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Explaining and Predicting: The GOP Immigration Platform and Its Impact on the Americas

This explainer delves into the GOP’s 2024 platform, focusing on immigration policies that address border security, visa reforms, and cooperative efforts with Latin American countries, examining their potential impact on U.S.-Latin America relations.

The Trump-Biden Race and Its Impact on Latin America with John Feeley

“Can South Korea Be a Knight for the U.S. on the Chessboard of Latin America?” by Chan Mo Ku

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July 19, 2024


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Global Americans, a nonpartisan think tank since 2015, researches US-Latin America policy and relations. Operating from DC & NYC, we offer key analysis and discussions to enhance understanding of regional and US foreign policy.

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January 29, 2024

Cali mayor Alejandro Eder and representatives of the Colombian embassy met with GA leadership, as well as representatives from the U.S. Department of Defense and Perry Center, to discuss GA’s Afro-Colombian initiative as well as his meetings with the U.S. government and IDB.

DECEMBER 15, 2023

GA Senior Fellow Scott MacDonald moderated the conversation between GA Visiting Fellow Ivelaw Griffith; Amb. Riyad Insanally, Fellow at the Caribbean Policy Consortium; and Paula Gomes Moreira, Research Collaborator at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) in Brazil.

NOVEMBER 6, 2023

In partnership with the Inter-American Dialogue, GA hosted Ecuadorian President-elect Daniel Noboa to discuss his policy priorities, such as maintaining a strong U.S.-Ecuador partnership, addressing the public security crisis, creating employment opportunities, and improving the nation’s socioeconomic landscape.

Expert Commentary

Can South Korea Be a Knight for the U.S. on the Chessboard of Latin America?
Together, the U.S. and South Korea can forge a dynamic foreign policy partnership and a market-oriented, democratic Western Hemisphere.
Javier Milei’s ‘CEO Diplomacy’: Will It Boost FDI in Argentina?
A more pragmatic foreign policy should be coupled with structural reforms in the macro-level and appropriate incentives for specific sectors for Argentina to become ...
Why ‘Plan Bukele’ Does (and Doesn’t) Work
Plan Bukele does not represent a coherent set of policies and tactics, but rather a unique fusion of coincidence, brutality, and hard-nosed calculation.

Next Generation Commentary

Gen Z: The Polarization Generation
Gen Z is a polarized generation without strong party affiliations, making it an attractive target for extreme, anti-establishment candidates.
Lula’s Green Promise: Will He Restore the Amazon?
Two years after his election, while conservation reforms have been implemented, skepticism remains regarding the fulfillment of Lula’s ambitious promises.
Boric’s Lithium Strategy: Will It Backfire?
While increased state participation in Chile's lithium industry aims to maximize national benefits, the potential downsides must not be overlooked.

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