Latest from Latin Pulse – November 20th

Reflections on a special trip to Cuba provide the main themes on Latin Pulse this week. The program includes interviews with a U.S. delegation on a cultural and educational exchange in Cuba, including the delegation’s leader, the former governor of Missouri. The program also includes viewpoints on the U.S. embargo of Cuba and the possibility of business development on the island. The discussion ranges through politics, economics and shared interests between the U.S. and Cuba.

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The logistics of ending Colombia’s war with the FARC

As the deadline looms, the logistics of the ceasefire in Colombia remain controversial. If the parties are committed to ending hostilities before the March 2016 deadline, their negotiators in Havana must agree on a ceasefire model before the end of the year.

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Chile’s robber barons

Capitalism does need to be saved from its own excesses in Chile, but few public leaders today have the moral authority to do so.

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