Cuba’s Mandatory Military Service Delivers Cannon Fodder for Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Hundreds of Cuban men have enlisted as mercenaries for Russia ostensibly colluding with Cuba’s leadership. With most of the population mired in poverty and the average monthly salary of just USD 17 per month, they are willing to risk their lives by signing a one year contract for a bonus of USD 2,000 plus USD 2,000 a month, residence in Russia with their families, and several other benefits. Russia, meanwhile, gets men with military training for its invasion of Ukraine, and a bankrupt Cuban regime strengthens its alliance with Putin to get desperately needed oil, food and, perhaps, a commission.

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Suriname, Energy Transition, and Climate Change

Suriname’s prospects of becoming a petrostate improved considerably in September 2023, when France’s TotalEnergies announced that it is commencing studies for developing a USD 9 billion oil and gas project for the Caribbean country’s offshore fields. This project is expected to revitalize the country’s deeply challenged economy and radically reduce poverty. Yet Suriname, like many of its neighbors in the Caribbean and Latin America, faces climate change challenges and is seeking to transition from a dependence on fossil fuels to renewables.

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Primarias Opositoras: retos para la lucha electoral de frente a las presidenciales venezolanas de 2024

La ganadora absoluta del 2023 ha sido el retorno de la ruta electoral como mecanismo de lucha por la democracia que en octubre ha recibido dos grandes espaldarazos. El 18 con la firma del “Acuerdo parcial sobre la promoción de derechos políticos y garantías electorales para todos” entre los representantes del gobierno de Nicolás Maduro y de la Plataforma Unitaria opositora en la ciudad de Bridgetown, Barbados. El 22 con la realización de las elecciones primarias opositoras.

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