The economics of populism is failing in Latin America

The spectre of populism – both of the left and right variety – has hung over Latin American politics and economics since the 19th century but, for the last two decades, a new wave of populist movements and leaders has developed as a result of ongoing economic dislocation and popular anger at the political class.

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Developing Social Insurance Schemes for Informal and ‘Gig’ Workers

This briefing, which is published under the Global Economy and Finance Programme’s ‘Rebuilding International Economic Cooperation’ project, highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating economic and social insecurity for more than 2 billion people employed in the informal sector, and adding to global inequality. A radical rethink of the nature of work and social insurance is needed.

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Challenges to international human rights

Not only are democracy and freedom in the world declining, the willingness of liberal democracies to defend the norms and institutions that support them is also fraying. To what extent does that reflect popular opinion?

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