Regional Supply Chains: The New Glue of Inter-American Relations?

More must be done if near-shoring is to reach its potential to become a new glue of inter-American relations. Both the Latin American and Caribbean governments grouped in APEP, and the United States, must marshal the political will and financial resources to seize this moment of opportunity in regional development.

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The Summit for Democracy: What the Media Missed

Media coverage of the December 8-10 Summit for Democracy has largely focused on President Joe Biden’s remarks, coupled with critical reactions from China, Russia, and skeptical U.S. pundits. Few U.S. commentators seem to have bothered to listen to the three days of often thoughtful remarks by other world leaders and the many intelligent, emotionally engaging panelists representing a broad swath of civil society, business, and academia.

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Raúl Castro: Out from the shadows

One of the world’s more reclusive leaders, Raúl Castro, has recently made two extraordinary public appearances that together begin to etch a portrait of a man long eclipsed by his flamboyant older brother, Fidel.

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