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Global Americans provides leading independent, non-partisan coverage of economics, trade, and development across the Americas. Our research and analysis on the subject draws from experts across the region and informs the work of government officials, business executives, journalists, educators, students, and others interested in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Editor's Picks
Paraguay: A Promising Government Navigating a Perilous Path
The greatest gift that Cartes can give the country and President Peña is to empower Peña to take the real and symbolic steps to frontally ...
Austerity Measures Sink Cuba Further into Near Collapse
Overall, the move toward more liberal measures appears to be too little too late, despite pressures from Vietnamese and Chinese Communist Party representatives in recent ...
Reassessing U.S. Sanctions Strategy Towards Venezuela
The decision to reimpose oil sanctions on Venezuela represents a calibrated response aimed at maintaining diplomatic engagement while upholding democratic principles.
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Understanding the Venezuela-Guyana Controversy: Exploring the Geopolitical Implications

Chile's Constitutional Rewrite: A Global Americans Explainer

Analyzing Argentina's Presidential Elections: A Global Americans Explainer


Explaining and Predicting: The Americas Act and Its Chances of Becoming Law 
In this explainer we examine the Americas Act, its key provisions and impact for the region, and the prospects for its passage. 
Once Flying High, Chile’s Boric Falls to Earth
Realizing the need to make adjustments, Boric has shifted towards the center in his selection of ministers and trimmed his legislative priorities, but it increasingly ...
Who Will Lead Panama? Predictions, Top Candidates, and Foreign Policy Priorities
In a field split among eight candidates, the absence of a leader capable of addressing the country's many challenges has become increasingly apparent.

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