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Global Americans provides leading independent, non-partisan coverage of human rights and social inclusion across the Americas. Our research and analysis on the subject draws from experts across the region and informs the work of government officials, business executives, journalists, educators, students, and others interested in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Editor's Picks
International Cooperation and Women’s Inclusion in the Americas
It is timely to reevaluate the contributions that international cooperation makes in the countries of the Americas, especially regarding women’s inclusion and representation, and of ...
Sebastian Piñera, Statesman: A Personal Reflection
From the liberation of the miners to the liberation of same sex couples and their families, from the copper mines to the copper bowl, Piñera ...
Explaining and Predicting: The Evolving Dynamics on the U.S. Southern Border
As the immigration debate heats up in the public discourse and Congress, this Explainer assesses how immigration dynamics in the U.S. have evolved under Presidents ...
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Understanding the Venezuela-Guyana Controversy: Exploring the Geopolitical Implications

Chile's Constitutional Rewrite: A Global Americans Explainer

Analyzing Argentina's Presidential Elections: A Global Americans Explainer


Explaining and Predicting: The Israel-Hamas War’s Impact in Latin America
This Explainer addresses how the conflict has affected Jewish and Palestinian diasporas, how governments have reacted, and what are the geopolitical ramifications.
What Can U.S. Policymakers Learn from Mexico’s Attacks on Academia?
This power grab will likely gut the Mexican research and development capacity it seeks to protect—politicizing research doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record of ...
An Era of Containment: Latin America’s Top 10 LGBTQ Stories of 2023
The era of net gains for the LGBTQ community seems to have been replaced by an era of containment.

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