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Global Americans’ in-depth research and analysis of the long-term trends and current events impacting Central America and the Caribbean, including Venezuela.

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Has Election Observation Evolved for the Better?
The downgrading of electoral expectations and standards reflects the changing nature of elected autocratic regimes.
Explaining and Predicting: The Dominican Republic’s Response to the Haitian Crisis
This explainer examines relations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, analyzes Dominican President Luis Abinader's response to the Haitian crisis, and explores the challenges his ...
Book Review: “Challenged Sovereignty: The Impact of Drugs, Crime, Terrorism, and Cyber Threats in the Caribbean” by Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith
Challenged Sovereignty: The Impact of Drugs, Crime, Terrorism, and Cyber Threats in the Caribbean is well-researched, considers the relevant literature, and a great read, livened ...
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Understanding the Venezuela-Guyana Controversy: Exploring the Geopolitical Implications

Chile's Constitutional Rewrite: A Global Americans Explainer

Analyzing Argentina's Presidential Elections: A Global Americans Explainer


Explaining and Predicting: Haiti’s Gang Violence and Proposed Solutions
This explainer examines the political and humanitarian impact of gang violence in Haiti, the challenges facing the MSS mission, and U.S. policy towards Haiti.
The Case for Containing, Not Coddling, Maduro
The inability of the U.S. to facilitate a return to democracy in Venezuela does not justify accommodating dictatorship in the name of engagement.
Explaining and Predicting the Impact of Latin American Leaders’ Attendance at CPAC 2024
The future of cooperation efforts between the U.S. and Latin American attendees of CPAC rely in part on who wins the 2024 U.S. presidential election, ...

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