Colombia urgently needs help with the economic integration of Venezuelan immigrants

Colombia’s landmark Estatuto de Protección Temporal for Venezuelan migrants and refugees has brought relief to many Venezuelans in Colombia who require legal status to find jobs, secure access to the public health system, and sign up for a bank account, among other benefits. While Colombia could do more to ensure the full social and economic integration of this migrant population, the government is hamstrung by its own fiscal constraints, high unemployment, and political polarization. The international community must heed this urgent call to action before it is too late.

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The dramatic Latin American crisis

The projections of all international organizations and private analysts indicate that Latin America’s economy will only partially recover in 2021. As economic growth during the quinquennium prior to the current crisis was close to zero, the region is immersed in a new lost decade.

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How not to curb Colombian cocaine

Over the past four years, Colombia has eradicated nearly 300,000 hectares (more than 1,000 square miles) of coca while seizing more than 2,000 metric tons of pure cocaine and cocaine base, but the country remains plagued by illicit drug activity.

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