Bolivia’s Descent into Deep Chaos and the Implications for the Region

The unfolding crisis in Bolivia involves the stability and strategic posture of the country literally at the heart of South America. This turning point also has implications on the future access of Washington’s extra-hemispheric rivals, namely China, Russia, and Iran. With distant, mutually reinforcing global crises elsewhere, Washington’s resources and attention are in ever shorter supply, but Bolivia needs to at least be on its radar screen.

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A U.S. vaccine diplomacy strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean

Once again, history seems to be repeating itself. The United States, along with the world’s other rich and mostly Western countries, continue to be accused of hoarding medical supplies, having purchased one billion surplus vaccine doses (more than is required to vaccinate their citizens). In their absence, China—and, to a lesser extent, Russia—have rushed to take advantage of the vaccine gap in the Global South, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The view of a new Bolivian president from El Alto

Sitting from a position more among the clouds than the buildings of neighboring cities, El Alto conjures the image of a rising political underdog whose Indigenous voice has managed to reverberate throughout the country in the last decade. As Bolivia returns to MAS leadership under Luis Arce, the highland community has shown that it will continue to elevate the interests of Indigenous and rural groups, amplifying their voices from the mountaintops.

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