Pink Tide 2.0? The Same Trap Awaits

The label “pink tide” was already misleading 20 years ago. Today, with even more pronounced distinctions between the left-wing presidents and diverse foreign policy orientations—including some critical views of Cuba—such a generalization has become even more outdated and is by far too inaccurate to categorize a political trend.

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The Evolution of PRC Engagement in Mexico

AMLO’s increasing need for the PRC and its resources is already manifesting itself in subtle compromises that his administration has made towards Chinese companies with respect to lithium, and possibly electricity generation, among other areas.

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Mexico’s Surge in Violence

Last week, widespread arsons, hijackings, and shootings prompted the government to deploy federal and national guard troops across Mexico. Mexico’s Security Cabinet reported 260 people died during the four days that armed gangs shot civilians, conducted “narco blockades,” and set fire to shops, buses, and cars.

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