A counterweight to populism in Latin America: judicial legitimacy and popularity

Populism, a resilient phenomenon in Latin America, has enabled and relied on the inclusion of politically alienated masses to legitimize the weakening of institutions. How is court empowerment and independence possible in the face of such a powerful anti-institutional force? This research argues that the answer may be found in the same mechanisms that enable populism: popularity and legitimacy.

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Peru’s 40-Year Debt: the World is Watching

In resolving a 40-year debt, Peruvians and, in particular, Peru’s international business class need to understand what is at stake here: not just the integrity and effectiveness of the judicial system but international opinion on how the government and the judicial system treats property and legal obligations.

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Leopoldo Lopez and the injustice of Venezuela’s judicial system

Even if you don’t agree with the Venezuelan opposition’s call for “la salida” of President Maduro, leaders like Leopoldo Lopez, now in prison almost 15 months, still have the right to demand the resignation of a president–a right Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff rightly supported in her country. Here’s his parents’ story.

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