Cuba’s sagging economy, regime change, and U.S. policy

Cuba has entered the 2020s much in the same fashion as it did in the 1990s; the world is a more uncertain place, its main economic backer is riven by a major economic collapse, and its relations with its northern neighbor are tense. But there are differences.

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Cuba Wars Redux

A cancelled State Department panel on Cuba offers a teachable moment for the U.S. government. The Trump Administration should re-establish appropriate boundaries between politics, policy and intelligence on matters of Cuba.

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Open for Business: Feinberg’s Cuba book from the frontlines

Richard Feinberg’s new book, Open For Business, draws on his recent, extensive research on the Cuban economy and U.S.-Cuban relations and on his travels on the island. The result is a multifaceted, balanced and personal portrayal of the island’s challenges and its people.

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