Hemisphere Weekly: International Women’s Month in Latin America

In Latin America, International Women’s Month focused heavily on issues related to femicide and gender-based violence. On March 8, International Women’s Day saw large, defiant gatherings and protests against gender violence and inequality. In the weeks that followed, continued protests, reports, and court cases capped off a year in which COVID-19 profoundly affected women across the region. 

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Butterflies still soar in the Latin American feminist movement

As this November 25 passes, the loss of the Mirabal sisters holds a prominent weight that has stood the test of time. These lost sisters, and their iconic symbol of the butterfly, have become woven into the Latin American feminist movement as people honored their cause in the “march of the butterflies” on the anniversary of their deaths.

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The price of normalizing gender violence

Violence against women is a pervasive reality in the Americas. While the state has a primary responsibility in providing protection to women, what role do regular citizens play in the normalization of gender violence?

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