An interview with Daniel Coronell, President of Univision News

Coronell joins the podcast to talk about the need to provide critical analysis to an underrepresented population, what Univision is doing to get latinos to go out and vote, and more...



Global Americans and the Canadian Council for the Americas present “Two Gringos with Questions,” an interview series featuring political and cultural leaders from across the Americas.

In this episode, Daniel Coronell, President of Univision News, joins the Two Gringos with Questions podcast. Coronell talks to hosts Chris and Ken about the need to inform and provide critical analysis to an underrepresented population, what Univision is doing to get latinos to go out and vote, and more…

Daniel Coronell is President of Univision Noticias, the award-winning news division of Univision Communications Inc., the leading Hispanic media company in the United States and owner of the No. 1 Spanish-language network for 27 consecutive broadcast seasons. In this role, Coronell leads Univision’s news division, which is committed to informing one of the country’s youngest and fastest growing demographic across all media platforms, including TV, Radio, and digital.

Prior to joining Univision, Coronell served as editor-in-chief of the national newscast Noticias Uno, as well as News Director for the NTC and RCNTV national newscasts in Colombia. For over 15 years he was a columnist for Semana magazine in Colombia, from which he was fired on April 1, 2020— via Whatsapp message. This wasn’t the first time Coronell had been fired from the magazine. In May, 2019, his column was cancelled for what he says was retaliation over an opinion piece criticizing the magazine for failing to publish a report on policies by Colombia’s Defense Ministry that could have restarted extrajudicial killings in the country. Two weeks later, Coronell was rehired. 

Coronell was a professor at Universidad Javeriana, Universidad Externado de Colombia and at the Universidad de los Andes post-graduate school of journalism. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at Stanford University as well as researcher and Senior Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley.

Coronell has been recognized with the Colombian Simon Bolivar journalism award on six occasions and, in 2009 was granted the highest award for a TV investigative report by the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano—Cemex, for “Un Crímen casi perfecto” (An Almost Perfect Crime) together with a team of journalists from Noticias Uno.

He was named one of the ten top leaders in Colombia by the Leadership and Democracy Foundation. Coronell is recognized as one of Colombia’s most influential columnists during the past decade.

He has a degree in journalism from Universidad Externado de Colombia and has completed several post graduate studies in Switzerland and Spain.

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