Divide at the OAS

With countries divided at the 47th OAS General Assembly, will anything ever get done regarding the Venezuelan Crisis?


At the OAS General Assembly, the divide on what to do with Venezuela remained clear, with PetroCaribe countries continuing to reject any type of positive action in defense of citizens’ rights —St. Vincent and the Grenadines we’re looking at you!—and the U.S., Mexico and other allied nations calling for greater action against the Venezuelan government under the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

One thing is sure, nothing will get done if the 10-country backed resolution can’t secure the endorsement of more PetroCaribe countries. Given the one-nation-one-vote rule in the OAS, these small states hold a veto power when it comes to passing a resolution on Venezuela. It’s a sad day when a country chooses money (or oil) over human rights. Some day those same leaders and their citizens may need the same norms they’re refusing to uphold now.

Photo credit: Paresh Nath, The Khaleej Times, UAECaglecartoons.com

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