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Global Americans provides leading independent, non-partisan coverage of energy and the environment across the Americas. Our research and analysis on the subject draws from experts across the region and informs the work of government officials, business executives, journalists, educators, students, and others interested in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Editor's Picks
Panama and the Crossfire of Local Environmentalism and the Global Energy Transition
Cobre Panamá indicates that the process of extracting the critical materials is complicated, messy, and disruptive—for all parties involved.
Suriname, Energy Transition, and Climate Change
Suriname’s prospects of becoming a petrostate improved considerably in September 2023, when France’s TotalEnergies announced that it is commencing studies for developing a USD 9 ...
Tourism Boom, Water Bust: The Hidden Crisis Beneath the Maya Train
Experts predict the Yucatan is 15 years away from experiencing a water crisis. These predictions do not account for the Maya Train.
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Understanding the Venezuela-Guyana Controversy: Exploring the Geopolitical Implications

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Cascading Crisis Threatens Caribbean’s Unique Biodiversity
The Caribbean is one of the world’s premier biodiversity hotspots. Coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove swamps, and tropical rainforests play a crucial role in the ...
Petrobras – An Agent of Transformation in Meeting Brazil’s Nationally Determined Contributions?
Given Petrobras’ high profile in the energy sector with proven expertise in low-carbon emission technologies, such as hydropower and biofuel, taking the discussed steps could ...
The Dangers of Deep-Sea Mining in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone
The rush to begin deep-sea mining is unjustified and dangerous. Many of the areas targeted for mining are virtually unexplored, and the consequences of mining ...

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