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Global Americans provides leading independent, non-partisan coverage of security and the rule of law across the Americas. Our research and analysis on the subject draws from experts across the region and informs the work of government officials, business executives, journalists, educators, students, and others interested in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Colombia Needs a Pragmatic Foreign Policy

Without a pragmatic and strategic approach to foreign relations and defense procurement, Colombia’s military readiness could deteriorate, weakening the country’s ability to address evolving security ...
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Why the Barbados Agreement Failed: Maduro Needs an Off-Ramp
Though the agreement nominally gave the regime a fair chance at winning the election by lifting sanctions and boosting the economy, a fair chance was ...
Why ‘Plan Bukele’ Does (and Doesn’t) Work
Plan Bukele does not represent a coherent set of policies and tactics, but rather a unique fusion of coincidence, brutality, and hard-nosed calculation.
Explaining and Predicting: Why Ecuador Flouted International Norms to Arrest Its Former Vice President
Should Noboa be successful, we are likely to see more such leaderships emerge in the region, and a public willing to sacrifice some liberties in favor ...
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Understanding the Venezuela-Guyana Controversy: Exploring the Geopolitical Implications

Chile's Constitutional Rewrite: A Global Americans Explainer

Analyzing Argentina's Presidential Elections: A Global Americans Explainer


Explaining and Predicting: The Dominican Republic’s Response to the Haitian Crisis
This explainer examines relations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, analyzes Dominican President Luis Abinader's response to the Haitian crisis, and explores the challenges his ...
Ecuador’s Challenge: Security, Trade, and Growth
Ecuador is at an inflection point, poised to harness comparative advantages in mining, agriculture, and tourism as catalysts for sustainable economic growth. But these require ...
Explaining and Predicting: Shifting Dynamics in NATO and Latin American Security
Amidst the prevailing uncertainty, one thing seems clear: the fabric of international security relationships could be on the cusp of unraveling, with Latin America forced ...

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