Cuba’s Mandatory Military Service Delivers Cannon Fodder for Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Hundreds of Cuban men have enlisted as mercenaries for Russia ostensibly colluding with Cuba’s leadership. With most of the population mired in poverty and the average monthly salary of just USD 17 per month, they are willing to risk their lives by signing a one year contract for a bonus of USD 2,000 plus USD 2,000 a month, residence in Russia with their families, and several other benefits. Russia, meanwhile, gets men with military training for its invasion of Ukraine, and a bankrupt Cuban regime strengthens its alliance with Putin to get desperately needed oil, food and, perhaps, a commission.

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Make credible threats great again

Direct military intervention in Venezuela is obviously a controversial topic, yet there should be no controversy surrounding the credible appearance of commitment to military action.

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Brazil: Between cooperation and deterrence

Brazil faces more challenges protecting its borders than almost any other country in the world. As the country seeks to assert itself as a regional power, measured military collaboration with the U.S. is important for domestic and regional stability.

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