Divide at the OAS

With countries divided at the 47th OAS General Assembly, will anything ever get done regarding the Venezuelan Crisis?

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China’s Second Policy Paper on Latin America and the Caribbean: Indications of Chinese intentions, and recommendations for the U.S. Response

China’s engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean increasingly impacts the region, and by extension, the economic and security environment of the U.S. As such, China’s new document on its approach toward the region is important for policymakers, analysts and businessmen with an interest in that relationship. This article thus examines that document and provides recommendations for U.S. policymakers of how best to respond.

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Trump builds walls, Xi builds bridges in LatAm

Latin America is experiencing its worst economic growth — projected to be negative this year – since the lost decade of the 1980s. At this crucial time, the United States is turning its back and stepping backward from Latin America while China takes further steps forward in its economic relations with the region.

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